Kpure UV+UF+Alkaline 
Introducing Kpure UV+Alkaline) Water Purifier. This UV purifier is best suitable for municipal treated water supply (TDS less than 200ppm and hardness less than 120ppm). It is a beautifully crafted sleek design which makes it easily fit into kitchen cabinets and its beautiful look complements the modern kitchen interior as well Kpure is UV with and Alkaline which ensures double protection.
It has 4 stages of UV +Alkaline purification system which ensure you get water the way it was meant to be Fresh, clean and good for you. In Kpure water is passed through sediment filter , Fine sediment filter , Carbon filter , UV and Alkaline UV rays disinfects the water by eliminating water-borne disease-causing microorganisms like bacteria and virus, making it healthy for drinking.and Alkaline makes it Antioxidant Water (with added minerals) which keeps your body healthy, Kpure Technology, double layered UV+Alkaline protection
• 5000 hrs. of operation Life of UV Lamp
• 11 Watts UV Lamp Wattage, 0.7 Watts UV LED Wattage
• 0.3 kg / cm2 /10°C min Inlet Water Pressure/Temp
• 4 kg / cm2 /40°C max Inlet Water Pressure/Temp
• 8000 liters of alkaline water operation life of Alkaline
• Filter Suited for Municipal water

• 4-Stage Water Purification
Kpure UV+ Alkaline is based on a 4-stage advanced filtration process. It uses a combination of Sediment Filter, Activated Carbon Filter for additional protection from bacteria and UV Disinfection to provide drinking water free from all micro-organisms, thus making it pure.
Suitable for Low TDS Water
It is suitable for usage where the inlet water like tap or municipal water has low TDS (Total Dissolved Solids). It efficiently removes impurities and makes the water suitable for consumption.
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