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302 KAYPEE, Rasta Peth, Pune, Maharashtra 411011
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Semi- Commercial Plants
25 LPH 
The 25 LPH commercial RO system, one of the best commercial RO Water Purifiers in Pune, has the ability to kill the microorganisms in water and safe guard the health of individuals from water borne diseases.

You get to drink 100% vegan water, as all the dead cells are removed in the UV process.
50 LPH
Ro 50 lph a commercial plant , to be use in the place where minimum or more than 30 people are going to be using it daily

Mostly we advice the group like hospitals, schools, restaurant and hotel, guest house as well as commercial offices .

Flat & Casual Shoes
75 LPH 
Removes harmful metals like lead, mercury, etc. from the water.
No need to stock water bottles as you can get pure and healthy water anytime.
Maintain the sodium level in the water.
100 LPH
Kaypee Aquatech provides you ISO Certified fully & semi-automatic Commerial RO Plant & 100 LPH RO, which give a high recovery rate of water & easy to operate.
Max duty cycle 500-700 ltr per day ( with 10 min. rest on every 2 hours)

Flat & Casual Shoes
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